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Ontario's Climate Change: Discussion Paper 2015
Acting on Climate Change: Solutions from Canadian Scholars
Canadian Business Perspectives on the Role of Government in Private Sector Climate Adaption: Final Report
Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change - First Annual Synthesis Report on the Status of Implementation
Framing the Future: Embracing the Low-Carbon Economy
Acting on Climate Change: Extending the Dialogue Among Canadians
Parallel Paths: Canada-U.S. climate policy choices
Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change
Canada's Second Biennial Report on Climate Change
Work in a changing climate: The Green Initiative: Report of the Director-General
The Role of Technology Policies in Climate Mitigation
Energy and Climate Change: Review and Assessment of the National Plan - Discussion Paper
Economic Modelling of Provincial/Territorial Climate Change Policies: Summary of Phase 2 Results
A Canadian Perspective on the Dangerous Anthropogenic Interference with the Climate System - Final Report
Go Green: Ontario's action plan on climate change
Climate Progress: Ontario's plan for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Annual Report 2009-2010