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Abandoned 1882-built Orange Lodge [near] Fairview, likely brought from Ontario
[Winnipeg] Grain Exchange
[Winnipeg] Grain Exchange
[Winnipeg] Grain Exchange
Grain Exchange
Directory of Grain Exchange Building
Grain Exchange Building
Grain Exchange
[Winnipeg] C.B.D. [Commercial Business District] from Red [River]
King Street at City Hall
Canada Building
University of Manitoba building in the fall
Alderman Zuken Park
Old Winnipeg Law Courts
Law Courts
Winnipeg City Hall
St. Paul's College, University of Manitoba
Wholesale District, McDermot Street to Princess Avenue from Main Street
Wholesale District off Princess St[reet], Winnipeg
Young United Church (formerly Methodist)
Public Safety Building
Young United Church (formerly Methodist)
Old Garage
1892-built rural school near Katrime
Across Main [Street] to W[est], Winnipeg
Old university building
Roblin House
Angled view of the side of a church
Two [Government] [Buildings], Winnipeg