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Kew Beach : Band concert
Lakeshore Boulevard : traffic
Lakeshore Road : traffic
Lonsdale Road : two houses on single lot
Lakeshore Road : traffic
Lakeshore Road : pedestrain footpass at Palais Royal
Augusta Ave. : Women's page feature
110 Lawrence Avenue East : shooting
83 Lambton Avenue : explosion
Augusta Ave. : Women's page feature
Lakeshore Road : at Queen's Quay traffic
Gooderham and Worts
Spadina Ave.
Lakeshore Road : closed
Woodbine Beach : Children playing
207 Logan Avenue : shooting
Lancaster Avenue : proposed boys club
215 Madison Avenue : I.D.A. drug store belonging to Alan W. Edwards.
Lawrence Avenue : crane topples over
Maitland Street : junk in yard
Lakeshore Boulevard : Harris Glue Factory coming down
Marta Street : home of P.C. John Earls
Toronto Streets : Leslie Street : woman found drowned
Melinda Street : Toronto General Trust Pigeon Hunt
95 Lawton Boulevard : man fell from apartment to death
Lakeside Avenue : Erosion
Lorne Bruce Drive : protest
Lakeshore Boulevard : traffic jam
Lakeshore Boulevard : kids doging traffic on way to beaches pool
Bay Street : Lunch hour people