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Bryce's new index map of Toronto
City of Toronto compiled from surveys made to the present date 1871
City of Toronto and liberties
Immigrants : Italian arrivals at Union Station [not used]
Immigrants : Italian family [not used]
Immigrants : Italian immigrants
Plan of the harbour, fort and town of York the capital of Upper Canada, March 16th 1816
Tremaine's map of the county of York, Canada West
Toronto Transportation Commission route map:  August 31, 1921
Map of Toronto and vicinity
MacNeil, Rita
MacNeil, Rita
MacNeil, Rita
Azada Rahi 1/1 A
Azada Rahi 1/1 B
Azada Rahi 1/1 C
Shenaz Baksh family [ : Liberty Village]
Chinese groups : dragon parade
Eye of Horus music group posing for a photo with one member holding a 45 rpm record.
Unemployed : March to Ottawa
Female student stands on the stone steps on the Glendon campus.
Image of a chained chimpanzee wearing clothes and smoking a cigarette.
Joyce Wieland at work on pieces for the quilted cloth assemblage "109 Views".
Ethnic groups : Jewish
Ethnic groups : Jewish
Ethnic groups : Jewish
Ethnic groups : Jewish