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Fighting in Hue, Marine Casualties
Hong Kong : Sykes : Can. Memorial Gardens [Not Used]
Hang Sauh, outside Saigon
Saigon : Refugees Near Tan Son Nhat Airport
Saigon : Refugees
Hang Sauh, outside Saigon
Hang Sauh, outside Saigon
Da Nang
Vicky & Quirino. Charge d' Affairs. Lockett -far right in white
Macapagal Inauguration
Political arches. Caloocan, Rizal
Sen. Pelaez campaigning in Nueva Ecija
Spectators at Pelaez meeting in Nueva Ecija
Political crowd at Pelaez Mtg. Gen. Tiriro
Using Japanese weeders
Rice harvest, Ilocos Sur
Rice harvest, Ilocos Sur
With Japanese weeders
Rice harvest in Ilocos
Rice harvest, Ilocos Sur
Sen. Pelaez in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija
Working in the field, Vietnam
Winnowing rice in Vietnam
Working in the rice plantation, Vietnam
Huts in Vietnam
Woman bundling straw in Vietnam
Plowing in Vietnam
Rural work in Vietnam (probably in Saigon)