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Map of the City of Hamilton, engraved expressly for the Canadian Almanac for 1882
Map showing line of Welland Canal between Lakes Erie & Ontario
Map of the Trent Canal
Water-powers in Ontario
Map of the province of Ontario, Canada [1908]
[Map of Ontario showing railways]
Sketch map of the Lake Abitibi region
Map of the City of Kingston and suburbs
Map of the province of Ontario, Canada [1901]
Map of the Province of Ontario, Dominion of Canada
A map of the province of Upper Canada, describing all the new settlements, townships, etc. with the countries adjacent, from Quebec to Lake Huron
A map of the located districts in the Province of Upper Canada
Map of Upper Canada shewing the proposed land agency divisions
Plan of the City of Toronto : plan of proposed division of wards
Map shewing the route of the Montreal, Ottawa and Georgian Bay Canal, also some of the subsidiary routes branching from it
Map of part of the province of Ontario
Map of New Ontario
Waterfront development [Toronto] : progress plan, 1914-1921 (inclusive)
Plan of the City of Toronto and suburbs : shewing new & old ward divisions
Map of City of Toronto and suburbs
Plan of the City of Toronto, Tracy D. Le May, city surveyor, September 27th, 1921
Plan of the city of Toronto, shewing proposed system of parks and boulevards to accompany Mayor McMurrich's report to council, 11th November 1882
City of Toronto, published expressly for the Toronto City Directory and for sale by R. L. Polk & Company. Room "S" Victoria Chambers, Toronto
Bryce's new index map of Toronto
Map of Toronto
City of Toronto compiled from surveys made to the present date 1871
Plan of the City of Toronto
Copy of part of the "Plan of improvements" to be made in front of the City of Toronto shewing the water lots granted to the City Corporation in terms of a Minute in Council bearing date the 17th day of August 1837