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Trojan Horse scene during the dictatorship
Chris Tarnaris at the Greek Community Centre
Poetry night. George Papadatos reciting poetry at Hart House International Student Centre
Trojan Horse Coffee House - scene during the junta years
Images of modern Greece performance at North America at Convocation Hall
Demonstration - probably the last one in Ottawa outside Pariament by PAK members
Performance at Esperides
Demonstrating outside the Ontario Legislative Building on Queen's Park Crescent
Lyra - a Greek politian addresses the audience
Athanasios Karantonis - MD
Demonstration against nuclear armament
Leontis concert - Titania
Hunger strike - outside the American consulate
Concert at Titania Music Hall - Leontis and his group. The banner reads "Art Belongs to the People"
Lyra Coffee House - Greek politician addresses the Greek audience.
Images of modern Greece sponsored by UofT, gathering at the Greek Community Centre
Andreas Papandreou - official visit to Canada as prime minister
Neraida Bar
George Tzouras
Takis - photographer
Dance at the Greek Community Centre
Manos Loizos at Pearson Airport - just arrived from Greece
Andreas Papandreou - official visit to Canda as Prime Minister
George Papadatos interviewing Mr. Moniatakos
Images of modern Greece
Sophia Papazoglou at Trojan Horse Coffee House
Andreas Papandreou - official visit
Lampros Vasiliou singer-President-owner of Avli Coffee House
Steve Arvanitis – Deceased – at a Greek Community of Toronto meeting
Nikos Touliatos (organizing of the Olympic ceremony in Athens 2004) and Sakis Nikolaou (bass player – musician)