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London Palladium Show. : Arrival at Malton [not used]
London Palladium Show. : Arrival at Malton [not used]
Central Sq. & Osgoode from Ross Bldg.
City Dump
British America
Wilson Farm [near] Belmont
St. Boniface
Red River Lots
Winnipeg east of R[ed] R[iver] to N[orth].
Winnipeg [Red River] Floodway
Place Louis Riel
John Webber - Nootka Sound 1778
CPR [Canadian Pacific Railway] Yards, [Winnipeg]
Environment, 1985-1994
Benzaine family videos : La Ronde
Police village of King City
Destroyed woodlot at Hope Farm
Old plantation at Hope Farm, St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba
1906-built Ontario-style barn on the Harry Lowe farm
Samuel Hearne - Great Slave Lake 1769-72 journey; 1795
Fort Garry
Fort Garry Gate in winter with buildings in the background
Kwan family videos : Birthdays in the Greater Vancouver Area
Princess St[reet] behind City Hall
Pacific Ave Chinatown
James Street Chinatown
Cannington Manor
South (front) wall of "Didsbury"