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Construction worker walking on high steel
Accident With Crane : Frankel Steel [not used]
Shenaz Baksh family [Guyana: Mahacia 2004, Toronto: Mom + Work 2003]
Missisauga, Ont. Municipal offices fire [not used]
Shenaz Baksh family [ : Liberty Village]
Leah Burke 3/3 [ : Christmas]
Leah Burke 2/3 [ : sunrise]
Yorkville village : [not used]
Long Branch, Ont. : Band Concert [not used]
Long Branch, Ont. : School Strike RE: No crossing guard (parent protest meeting)
Greek Groups : Easter
Greek Groups : Greek Independence celebrated by Toronto Greeks
Long Branch, Ont. : St. James Presbyterian Church Paintings
London, Ont. : Storm [not used]
Long Branch, Ont. : Water Main Break [not used]
Hippies : Love-in at Queens Park [not used]
Hallowe'en : Letros [not used]
Long Branch, Ont. : Kids in park [not used]
London, Ont. : Re Stiff Penalties Handed Out for Shoplifting [not used]
Immigrants : Italian immigrants
Ladybirds : Topless group
Long Branch. : Marie Curtis Parking Drawing [copy] [not used]
Long Branch, Ont. : Legion Gives Blood to Red Cross [Not used]
819 Pape Ave. : Armed robbery [not used]
Election : Federal : Trudeau supporters [not used]
Armistice Day : Toronto Garrison Artillery [Not Used]
Long Branch, Ont. : Little Ex: Talent Contest [not used]
Huron Street School : Christmas Play [Not Used]