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Porcupine : Children's Pet [not used]
Snow Storms : Toronto January 24, 1966
Dog Obedience Course at Lawrence Plaza
Cat : Persian Cat Owned by Harry Shearer [copy]
Dog : Which Bit Children at School Yard [not used]
Dog : Poodle : Lost and Found [not used]
Dog : And 13 Puppies [not used]
Dogs : Puppies at Humane Society [not used]
Dog : Injured Dog [not used]
Dogs and Cat : Arriving at Malton from Hollywood [not used]
Cats : Siamese Cats Belonging to Mrs. M. Elliott
Dog : Samoyed and Pups [not used]
Be Kind to Animals Week [not used]
Chimpanzee : Lulu and Maggie
Chinchilla Show [not used]
Cats : At Thorncliffe Plaza [not used]
Dogs : Poodle Adopts Chihuahua Puppies [not used]
Chinchilla Show [not used]
Dog : And 13 Puppies [not used]
Chimp : Visit to the Telegram [not used]
Cow : Being Shot [not used]
Cat : Owned by Thompson Family on Steeles Ave. Scarboro
Chimpanzee : Heidi : Judging Pix. O.R.T. Child Contest
Cat : Owned by Mrs. Harold Walker [copy]
Dogs : Poodles Beauty Parlour
Be Kind to Animals Week [not used]
Dog : Poodle Gigi
Animals : Deer : Bambi : High Park Zoo
Dog : Lost Dog [not used]