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Woman, wearing snowshoes, with a Boxer dog on a leash.
Dog : Sam : Owned By Mrs. Gordon White [not used]
Dog : Doberman Pinscher Hellion : Attacked Baby
Dogs : Bulldogs [not used]
Dogs : St. Bernard Dogs at Markham Kennel
Dog : Poodle Clipping [not used]
Dogs : Poodles [not used]
Dog : Poodle [not used]
Dog : Receiving Shots [not used]
Dogs : Dalmation etc. Re Cold Weather
Dog : Spaniel Sally with Puff Ball
Dog : Rex : Bit Dog : A.E. Roberts Neg
Dogs : Rhodesian Ridgeback : See Dr. H. Hethrington
Dog : Poodle Being Clipped
Dogs : German Shepppard [sic] Breeders : Field Trials [not used]
Dog : Boy and Injured Dog [not used]
Dogs : Dog Show [not used]
Dogs : Chihuahuas [not used]
Dog : With Heart Shaped Marking on Head [not used]
Dog : Papillon : Charpin
Dogs : Toronto Humane Society Dogs Wearing Hats
Dog : Charlie the Poodle : Lost and Found
Dog : St. Bernard Arrives from England
Dog : Sparks - Mascot of Hamilton Fire Dept.
Dog : Chihuahua, Winkie
Dog : Cocker Spaniel Watched Robbery
Dog : Collie, Brigitte Returns Home After Being Treated for Poisoning : See Lions
Dogs : Weimeraner Breaks Up Poodle Party at Lady Ellis Store