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Sketch of the Harbour of Toronto : to accompany a report on it made by command of His Excellency the Lt. Governor for the Information of The Mayor & Corporation
Plan of Toronto Harbour : with the rocks, shoals & soundings thereof
The Toronto Harbor Commissioners waterfront conditions 1912
Waterfront development [Toronto] : progress plan, 1914-1921 (inclusive)
Plan of the Harbour of Toronto with a proposed town and settlement 1788
Plan of York
City of Toronto compiled from surveys made to the present date 1871
Plan of the town and harbour of York
Sketch of the ground in advance of and including York, Upper Canada. by Geo. Williams, R.M.S.D. Nov. 7, 1813
Plan of the harbour, fort and town of York the capital of Upper Canada, March 16th 1816
Waterfront conditions 1912, [Toronto]