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St. Boniface
Red River Lots
Place Louis Riel
John Webber - Nootka Sound 1778
CPR [Canadian Pacific Railway] Yards, [Winnipeg]
1906-built Ontario-style barn on the Harry Lowe farm
Samuel Hearne - Great Slave Lake 1769-72 journey; 1795
Fort Garry
Fort Garry Gate in winter with buildings in the background
Princess St[reet] behind City Hall
Pacific Ave Chinatown
James Street Chinatown
Cannington Manor
South (front) wall of "Didsbury"
Planning a new farmstead
Mrs. Simcoe - Niagara River & Escarpment 1793
Thomas Davies - St. Lawrence Shore 1787
St. Albans
19th-century Red River-style house in North Kildonan
Red [River], North Kildonan
Cactus Hills from west
City Dump
Henderson Highway, East Kildonan
[Tenement] building
[Ashdown House]
Tenement building [undergoing demolition]
Hervey Smith & Paul Sandby - Mirimichi River 1760
Market Square
Manitoba Region 3
Terrace housing opposite Central Park