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Folk Fun and Games for Children of all Ages
Concert: Boys of the Lough
Singaround Lovesongs #2
When Does it Become a Folk Song?
J.P. Ringwort and the Heartbreak of Psaraisis Concert
Boogies, Foxtrots and Two Steps
The Jugband: An Examination
Singaround Lovesongs #2
Singaround Lovesongs #2
Singaround Lovesongs #2
Mariposa in the Schools
Acadian Music
The Streets of London by Margaret Christl
Maids When You're Young, Never Wed An Old Man by Margaret Christl
The Brown Girl by Margaret Christl
Evelyn Home by Margaret Christl and The Ballad of Knocking Nellie by David Jones.
The Banks of Ero by Margaret Christl
The Travelling People by Margaret Christl
Making Music Middle Eastern Style
Bread and Roses
Bread and Roses
Bread and Roses
Bread and Roses
Bread and Roses
Concert: Robbie McNeill
Folksong Accompaniment
Workshop : Slide Guitar with John Hammond and Dave Essig
Folk Concert : Chris Rawlings
Dobro and slide guitar
Instruments as Voice substitutes with Mike Seeger