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Mariposa Festival : Centre Island
Mariposa Folk Festival : near Brampton : Caledon East
Mariposa Folk Festival [not used]
Mariposa Festival 1975
Mariposa Festival 1967
Folk Fun and Games for Children of all Ages
MITS Presents: Intro. to Folk music for children
Concert: Boys of the Lough
Biculturalisim in Folklore with Chris Rawlings
Concert: Angele Arsenault  and Les Danseurs du St. Laurent
Singaround Lovesongs #2
When Does it Become a Folk Song?
J.P. Ringwort and the Heartbreak of Psaraisis Concert
Boogies, Foxtrots and Two Steps
The Jugband: An Examination
Singaround Lovesongs #2
Singaround Lovesongs #2
Singaround Lovesongs #2
The Big Songs
Concert: Charlie Chin
The Big Songs
The Big Songs
The Big Songs
Hoop Dancers
Mariposa in the Schools
Acadian Music
Classic Ragtime to Early Jazz with Ken Whiteley
The Streets of London by Margaret Christl
Maids When You're Young, Never Wed An Old Man by Margaret Christl