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City Hall & Old Office Buildings
Portage Ave[nue]
Main [Street] near Logan Mission
Portage [Avenue] & Main [Street]
Main St[reet] near Logan Mission
Logan [Street] & Main [Street]
Portage Ave[nue]
Pacific Ave Chinatown
James Street Chinatown
Point Douglas
Wardlaw [Avenue]
Canoe Club
Princess St[reet] behind City Hall
Winnipeg Portage [Avenue] & Main [Street]
Main St[reet] Old Commercial [Building]
Point Douglas
Wolseley [Avenue]
Edmonton St[reet]
Main Street
[Winnipeg] Manitoba
Gospel Mission
Fort Garry
Euclid Ave.
Main Street
Winnipeg new credit union [building] - note the miniscule plaza
Winnipeg new credit union [building]