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Hamilton, Ont. : Fire [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Hamilton Central students war waif adoption [not used]
Royal Trust Company
Dog : Sam : Owned By Mrs. Gordon White [not used]
Foleyet, Ont : Floods [not used]
Arctic : Resolute Bay [not used]
Hamilton : Arthur Gustafson rescued from Bay by G. Corbett, H. Botham, Bob Campbell and Gord Daley
Hamilton, Ont. : Boys escaped when car hit tricycle
Hamilton, Ont. : Boy electrocuted by high tension cable
Hamilton, Ont. : St. Joseph's Hospital school of nursing grads
Dog : Doberman Pinscher Hellion : Attacked Baby
Hamilton, Ont. : Annual barbershop harmony convention
Greek Groups : Easter
Dimetrodon [copy]
Remembrance Day : Bugler At Telegram [Not Used]
Greek Groups : Greek Independence celebrated by Toronto Greeks
Dogs : Bulldogs [not used]
Cats : For Negs See Dogs Neg. Env. July 4/70
Dogs : St. Bernard Dogs at Markham Kennel
Dog : Poodle Clipping [not used]
Hallowe'en : Apples and chocolates with razor blades in them
Folk Concert [not used]
Cat : Siamese Kittens
Royal Bank : King and Yonge : Scene of murder-suicide of Marion Spencer and David Hill
Hamilton, Ont. : Webster Falls where three children fell
Animals : Deer : Bambi : High Park Zoo
Hamilton, Ont. : Rock garden
Biafra, Africa : Instructor Looks on as Biafrans Train in Hand Combat
Dogs : Poodles [not used]