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Plan of the village of Dundalk
Map of the Town of Galt, County of Waterloo
Map of the south eastern part of the Rainy River District, exhibiting the country in the vicinity of Rainy Lake and River Seine, Province of Ontario
Map of Normanby Township
Map of part of Keewatin shewing Dominion land surveys to 31st December, 1876 [south Kenora district]
Sketch map of the Cobalt camp [sheet 1]
Sketch map of the Cobalt camp [sheet 2]
Map of New Ontario
Map of the province of Ontario, Canada
Map of the Province of Ontario, Dominion of Canada
Scarboro [historical plan]
Map of the township of Etobicoke, in the county of York
Plan of Lindsay, in the County of Bruce
Township of Kinloss in the County of Bruce
The black snake in Sioux country showing the Dakota Access Pipeline reroute through Unceded Treaty lands and its consequences
Map of the Trent Canal
Waterfront conditions 1912, [Toronto]
The Toronto Harbor Commissioners waterfront conditions 1912
Waterfront development [Toronto] : progress plan, 1914-1921 (inclusive)
North York pioneers and landmarks, 1878
Plan of the Town of York
Plan of the City of Toronto and suburbs : shewing new & old ward divisions
City of Toronto : contour map
Map of City of Toronto and suburbs