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Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia by Sidney Hall
Plan of the village of Grand Valley
National Topographic Series (scale 1:125,000) : Grand Lake Victoria South, Quebec [sheet 31N/SW]
National Topographic Series (scale 1:126,720) : Goudreau, Ontario [sheet 42C/SE]
National Topographic Series (scale 1:126,720) : Pasquia, Saskatchewan, Map 952A [sheet 63E/SE]
Land use Nov. 1966 [Oak Ridges and Lake Wilcox]
Humber Valley watershed
Map of the township of Markham in the County of York
The United States of North America: with the British Territories. Published by James Wyld. April 1st, 1824.
British America
Borough of North York: sheet index
Province of Québec [county boundaries]
Police village of King City
National Topographic Series (scale 1:125,000) : Manigotagan Lake, Manitoba-Ontario [sheet 52L/NW]
Map of the Province of Manitoba
Village of Cardinal
United States of America, Southern Part [1809]
A new map of the province of Québec, according to the Royal Proclamation, of the 7th of October 1763, from the French surveys connected with those made after the War, by Captain Carver, and other officers in His Majesty's service
Atlas of the Dominion. Counties of Kent and Essex. Province of Ontario.
Map of the Colony of British Columbia and the British & American Territory West of the Rocky Mountains including Vancouvers Island and the Gold Fields by James Wyld, Geographer to the Queen & The Prince Consort. September, 1859.
Southerly portion Vancouver Island
City of Welland : boundary Jan 1, 1970
Plan of the harbour, fort and town of York the capital of Upper Canada, March 16th 1816
[Map showing Southeastern Saskatchewan]
Toronto : plan shewing the boundaries as marked on the ground of the Military Reserve belonging to the Ordnance in the city
Plan of the Harbour of Toronto with a proposed town and settlement 1788
[Toronto harbour] : condition plan, 1st January, 1950
[Toronto harbour] : condition plan, January 1st, 1949
[Toronto harbour] : condition plan, 1st January, 1956
[Toronto harbour] : condition plan, 1st January, 1960