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Online Tutorials for Students

Technical Requirements for Online Tutorials

To use the online tutorials, you will need the following. If any tutorial has more specific technical requirements than what is noted here, this will be explained within the tutorial itself.

Web Browser

The tutorials should be viewable by most standard web browsers, including any recent version of Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator/Navigator.

You must have Javascript enabled in your web browser, in order to do some of the exercises, and in order to take the quiz.

You must also have cookies enabled in your browser if you will be using Passport York to log in before taking the Quiz.

Passport York ID & Password

If you are doing these tutorials for a class assignment, you will need your own Passport York ID and password to log in to take the quiz at the end. If you do not yet have a Passport York ID, you can activate one online using Manage My Services.


You may need a printer to print the quiz results for your instructor and for your own records. For any tutorial you do as part of a class assignment, please print out several copies of the quiz results page, and keep the extras for your own records. This will save you having to do the quiz again if it is required in any of your other classes.