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Examples of "Unconscious" Strategies

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scientific effect

carbon dioxide

trees--> reforestation

rising temperatures--> changing climates

rising water levels --> changing coastlines (lake levels and water table levels?)

ozone ecosystems

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Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere keeps the sun's rays from escaping out to space and results in the greenhouse effect. The atmosphere will get warmer and warmer, until climate patterns on the earth start to change. One problem is rising water levels because the polar ice caps will start to melt. The thinning in the ozone layer lets more of the sun's harmful rays through and then the carbon dioxide keeps them here. Some people say one reason we are having this problem is because we've robbed the earth of most of its trees. I wonder if I can find data on how much of Canada has been stripped of trees.

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I want to show that Canadians' lifestyles will change because of the greenhouse effect--and not in good ways--and say that Canadians should take a leadership role in doing something--what?--to help to reverse the effect and to convince the rest of the world that they should help, too.

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