8 voraess AND DISCOVERIES. PAM 1—1492.

the superstitious sailors regarded as ominous of evil. Columbus was daily beset by the mutinous murmurs and discontent of his crew, who threatened to throw him into the sea, and return to Europe. llis courageous spirit, and the religious belief in a special providence in his lavor, kept him calm and firm in the midst of the painful un- Certainty and treacherous fears of his comrades. Time after time, the morning haze and the evening cloud-bank, revealing a fancied coast or island, beguiled the mutinous sailors from their fatal purpose, and raised the hopes of all, to be in mid-day again dashed down in bitter disap- pointment and chagrin. Thus the weary days and nights wore on, until Columbus himself almost i'altered in his purpose. At length a day, long memorable in the annals of great nations, dawned upon the little fleet; and the sight of several land birds, some sea weed, and the twigs and branches of drifting trees, revived the spirits of the dispirited and mutinous seamen. As night drew on, the keen eyes of the commander—made doubly sensitive by long and weary watching—detected the glimmer of a bea- con-light. as it glanced in the uncertain gloom of midnight. Oh, how long and painful were those hours of suspense to the almost fainting heart of Columbus! At length. as the twilight advanced, hope dawned upon the expectant mariners: and ere the sun appeared above the horizon, the impassioned voices of the crews shouted, in tumultuous joy. the thrilling words, Land ! Land! And so it was—— there lay before them a hoauteous island of the New \Vorld. revealed in all the loveliness of a tropical clime. On that memorable dav, the 11th of October, 1492, COlllmhus left his ship: On landing. he kissed the soil with religious fervor. and planted the flag of Spain on the Island of San Sal-va-dor. [-dore], in the Ba-ha-ma group. In a spirit of devout thankfulness for the accom- plishment of so great an event, the crews chanted the Te


Ot'esrrovs.—How dm (‘nlnmh'vq mun-01 his companions? Memion the circumstances under which Polnmhl's‘ first snvw the new land. HOW did f‘nlumbun express his gratitude to (Na? Lnder What imptmion'

did he act on landing ?