right from the political arena for once and always. The impressive

electoral victory of the Panhellenic Socialist Party (PASOK) is the victory of all progressive forces as well. It opens a new chapter in the history of our country: the chapter of democratic change. The new government of Greece, though only several weeks old, has finally showed us the practical meaning of change.

It has officially proclaimed the epic place of the National

Resistance in modern Greek history, and recognizes on the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, for the first time, the popular Hovember uprising

with its own participation and the declaration of a national holiday

to commemorate the Polytechnic.

It is my hope that this wind of change will eventually arrive in North America to open the eyes of, and constitute a lesson-in patri— otism to, some persons who irreSponsihly persist in denying the halls of the Greek Community to student groups such as your own for the purpose of commemorating the Polytechnic. Their behaviour defiles

the sacrifice of our youth, who gave their very lives in order to Open,

to us, the road to freedom and democracy.

Thank you.

' translated by S. Mittler