National Topographic Series (scale 1:125,000) : Branch, Newfoundland [parts of sheets 1L/NE east half and 1K/NW west half]



Datastream Size Mimetype
Fedora Object to Object Relationship Metadata. 1.02 KiB application/rdf+xml
MODS Record 3.07 KiB application/xml
DC Record 2.13 KiB text/xml
G_3400_125_1L_NEE_1K_NWW.tif 776.07 MiB image/tiff
XACML Policy Stream 12.24 KiB application/xml
TECHMD_FITS 5.88 KiB application/xml
Thumbnail 33.56 KiB image/jpeg
Medium sized JPEG 292.58 KiB image/jpeg
JPEG 2000 312.75 MiB image/jp2