CAML Review / Revue de l’ACBM

Musical Totem
The Musical Totem is a methodology to favor collaborative music composition. The process begins with the group definition of a concept. After a musician composes and records a section on his or her instrument, sends it to another musician, who defines its parameters and adds a new texture to the audio received. The second musician records a new part and sends it to the next musician until everyone has completed their turn. Credits Musicians Drumset: David Echeverría Guitar: Sebastián López Violin: Sofía Vaca Voice: Víctor Manuel Rubio Carrillo Photography: David Nelson, USFWS, Ucumari, GrandmaSandy & Chuck, Diana Robinson, Brenda Star, Dave Inman, Michael Woodruff, Jim Scarff, Jardinii Chingaza, Fveronesi, Nickathanas, Joseph Blowers, Szeke, Eric Killby, Tarnished Plastic, Reurinkjan, Tom Barnwell, Ramiro Torrents.


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