The print in blood of a naked foot to be traced through the street of a town.

Sketch of a personage with the malignity of a witch, and doing the mischief attributed to one, —but by natural means ; breaking oflf love- affairs, teaching children vices, ruining men of wealth, etc.

Ladislaus, King of Naples, besieging the city of Florence, agreed to show mercy, provided the inhabi- tants would deliver to him a certain virgin of famous beauty, the daughter of a physician of the city. When she was sent to the king, every one contributing some- thing to adorn her in the richest manner, her father gave her a perfumed handkerchief, at that time a uni- versal decoration, richly wrought. This handkerchief was poisoned with his utmost art, . . . and they pres- ently died in one another’s arms.

Of a bitter satirist, —of Swift, for instance, —— it might be said, that the person or thing on which his satire fell shrivelled up as if the Devil had spit

on it.

The Fount of Tears, a traveller to discover it, and other similar localities.

Benvenuto Cellini saw a Salamander in the house- hold fire. It was shown him by his father, in child- hood.

For the virtuoso’s collection, the pen with which Faust signed away his salvation, with a drop of blood

dried in it.