An article on newspaper advertisements. a. coun- try newspaper, methinks, rather than a city one.

An eating-house, where all the dishes served out, even t0 the bread and salt, shall be poisoned with the

adulterations that are said to be practised. Perhaps Death himself might be the cook.

Personify the century, talk of its present middle age, of its youth, and its adventures and prospects.

An uneducated countryman, supposing he had a. live frog in his stomach, applied himself to the study of medicine in order to find a cure for this disease; and he became a profound physician. Thus misfor- tune, physical or moral, may be the means of educat- ing and elevating us.

Mather’s Manuductio ad Ministerium,” or, Directions for a Candidate for the ministry, with the autographs of four successive clergymen in it, all of them, at one time or another, residents of the Old

Manse, Daniel Bliss, 1734 ; William Emerson, 1770 ; Ezra Ripley, 1781 ; and Samuel Ripley, son of the preceding. The book, according to a Latin mem- orandum, was sold to Daniel Bliss by Daniel Bre- mer, who, I suppose, was another student of divinity. Printed at Boston for Thomas Hancock, and sold at his shop in Ann St. near the Draw Bridge, 1726.” lVilliaim Emerson was son-in-laxv of Daniel Bliss. Ezra Ripley married the widow of said lVilliam Em- erson, and Samuel Ripley was their son.

Mrs. Prescott has an ox whose visage bears a strong resemblance to Daniel lVebster, a majestic brute.