The spells of witches have the power of producing meats and viands that have the appearance of a sump- tuous feast, which the Devil furnishes. But a Divine Providence seldom permits the meat to be good, but it has generally some bad taste or smell, mostly wants salt, and the feast is often without bread.

An article on cemeteries, with fantastic ideas of monuments ; for instance, a sundial; —a large, wide carved stone chair, with some such motto as Rest and Think,” and others, facetious or serious.

Mamma, I see a part of your smile,” a child to her mother, whose mouth was partly covered by her


The syrup of my bosom,” an improvisation of a little girl, addressed to an imaginary child.

The wind-turn,” “the lightning-catch,” a child’s phrases for weathercock and lightning-rod.

“Where ’s the man-mountain of these Liliputs?” cried a little boy, as he looked at a small engraving of the Greeks getting into the wooden horse.

When the sun shines brightly on the new snow, we

discover ranges of hills, miles away towards the south, which we have never seen before.

To have the North Pole for a fishing-pole, and the Equinoctial Line for a fishing-line.

If we consider the lives of the lower animals, we