decayed trunk of a tree, are well worth looking at, such a variety and such enjoyment they have of their new growth. Amid these fresh creations, we see others that have already run their course, and have done with

warmth and sunshine, the hoary periwigs, I mean,

of dandelions gone to seed.

August 7th. Fourier states that, in the progress of the world, the ocean is to lose its saltness, and ac- quire the taste of a peculiarly flavored lemonade.

October 13th. How pleasant it is to see a human countenance which cannot be insincere, in reference to baby’s smile.

The best of us being unfit to die, what an inexpres- sible absurdity to put the worst to death!

Is that a burden of sunshine on Apollo’s back ?

asked one of the children, —of the chlamys on our Apollo Belvedere.

October 21st ——Going to the village yesterday af- ternoon, I saw the face of a beautiful woman, gazing at me from a cloud. It was the full face, not the bust. It had a sort of mantle on the head, and a pleasant expression of countenance. The vision lasted while I took a few steps, and then vanished. I never before saw nearly so distinct a cloud-picture, or rather sculp- ture ; for it came out in alto-rilievo on the body of the cloud.

October 27th. The ground this morning is white with a thin covering of snow. The foliage has still