26 THE PRODIGIOUS HICKEY pink polka-dots blazed from the cuffs of his nerv-

ous sleeves.

By the wheels of the stage Fire Crackers Glen- denning and “Jock” Hasbrouck, veterans of the Kennedy House, sporting the ’varsity initials on their sweaters and caps, were busily engaged in cross-examining the new boys who clambered timidly to their places on top. Presently, Fire Crackers, perceiving Smeed, hailed him.

Hello, over there—what’s your name?”

Smeed, sir.”

Smeed what?

Johnnie Smeed.”

The questioner looked him over with disfavour and said aggressively:

You’re not for the Kennedy?”

No, sir.”

“What house?”

The Dickinson, sir.”

“The Dickinson, eh? That’s a good one,” said Fire Crackers, with a laugh, and, turning to his companion, he added, “Say, Jock, w0n’t Hickey and the old Turkey be wild when they get this one?”

Little Smeed, uncomprehending of the judgment