THE GREAT PANCAKE RECORD 43 chance. Remember, Kid, old sport, it’s for the

Dickinson.” Smeed heard in ecstasy; it was just the way Tur-

key talked to the eleven on the eve of a match. He nodded his head with a grim little shake and smiled nervously at the thirty-odd Dickinsonians who formed around him a pit of expectant and hungry boyhood from the floor to the ceiling.

“All ready!” sang out Turkey, from the door- way.

Six pancakes!

Six it is,” replied Hickey, chalking up a monster 6 on the slate that swung from the rafters. The pancakes placed before the ravenous Smeed vanished like snow-flakes on a July lawn.

A cheer went up, mingled with cries of caution.

Not so fast.”

Take your time.” Don’t let them be too hot.”

Not too hot, Hickey!” Macnooder was instructed to watch carefully over the temperature as well as the dimensions. Ready again,” came the cry. Ready—how many?

Six more.”