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omens on the flower, and cloud, and face, and form, and gesture, and reads them alright. In his sur- prise at the sudden and entire understanding that is between him and the beloved person, it occurs to him that they might somehow meet indepen- (lently of time and place. llow delicious the belief that he could elude all guards, precautions, cere- monies, means, and (lelays, and hold instant and sempiternal communication! In solitude, in ban- islnnent, the hope returned, and the experiment was eagerly tried. The supernal powers seem t0 take his part. lVliat was on his lips to say is uttered by his friend. ‘Vhen he went abroad, he met. by wonderful casualties, the one person he sought. If in his walk he chanced to look back, his friend was walking behind him. And it has happened that the artist has often drawn in his pictures the face of the future wife whom he had not yet seen.

But also in complacencies nowise so strict as this of the passion, the man of sensibility counts it a delight only to hear a childls voice fully addressed to him, or to see the beautiful manners of the youth of either sex. ‘Vhen the event is past and remote, how insignificant the greatest compared with the piquancy of the presentl To-day at the school examination the professor interrogates Syl-

vina in the history’ class about Odoacer and Alarie.