T H o M A s Earl of ?em5ro/<e and Montgomery,

Baron Herbert of Cardifi, Lord Rofs of Kendal, Par, Fitzhugh, Marmion, St. Qlintin, and Shurland ; Lord Treficlent bit Majefly’: nzo/Z Honourafile Privy Council, and Lora’ Lieutenant

aft/w Count] 0f Wilts, and of South-W ales.


HIS Treatife, which is grown up under your Lordfhilfs Eye, and has ventured in-

to the World by your Order, does now,

by anatural kind 0F Right, come to your Lordfhip for that Proteetioil, which you leveral Years finee promifed it. ’Tis not that I think any Name, how great foever, {let at the beginning of a Book, will be able to cover the Faults that are to be Found in it. _Things in Print mull {land and Fall by their own Worth, or the Reader's Fancy. But there being no- thing more to be defired for Truth, than a Fair un- prejudiced Hearing, no body is more likely to pro- cure me that, than your Lordfhip; who are allow- ed to have got f0 intimate an Acquaintance with her, in her more retired Receliies. YourLordfhip Vo L. I. a is