rent Countries, Educations and Tempers, are

Ch. III. No Innate Traflical Trincip/er. 49

flrall be as much at a lofs with, as without them, if they may, by any Human Power, fuch as is the Will of our Teachers,or Opini- ons of OUfCO1T1P3I1lOflS,b€ altered,or loll in us:And,notwithltand- ing all this Boaft of firfi Principles, and Innate Light, we {hall be as much in the Dark, and Uncertainty, as if there were no fuch thing at all; it being all one, to have no Rule, and one that will warp any way; or amonglt various and contrary Rules, not to know which is the right. But, concerning Innate Prin- ciples, I defire thefe Men to fay, whether they can, or cannot, by Education and Cufiom, be blurr’d and blotted out: If they cannot, we mull find them in all hlankind alike, and they mull be clear in every body: And if they may fuller Variation, from adventitious Notions, we mull then find them clearefl and moll: perfpicuous, near-ell: the Fountain, in Children, and illiterate People, who have received leaft Imprelfion from foreign Opini- ons. Let them take ‘which Side they pleafe, they will certainly find it ineonfiflent xvith vilible Matter of Faet, and daily Obfer- vation.

§. 21. I EASILY grant, that there are great fimtrar), p,-;,,_ Numbers of Opinions, which, by Men of difFe- flip/é’! i” f/Ye I/Vor/d. received and embraced, a: and unque/Zionable Principles; ma. n) wbereo , both for their Abfurdity, as well as Oppofition one to another, it i: impqflfblefloztld be true. But yet ail thofe Pro- pofitions, how remote foever from Reafon, are fo facred, fome- where or other, that Men, even of good Underfianding in other Matters, will fooner part with their Lives, and xvhatever is dear- ell to them, than fuller themfelves to doubt, or others to quelli- on, the Truth of them.

§. 22. Tr-us, however flrange it may feem, is How Mm com- that which every Day’s Experience confirms; "lofl/J’ f0"? b)’ and will not, perhaps, appear f0 wonderful, if t/mrprmcip/ej" we conlider the Ways and Step1, by tit-kick it is brought about; and how really it may come to pals, that Doflriner, that have been derived from no better Original, than the Superllition of a Nurfe, or the Authority of an old Woman, may, by Length OF

Timqand Confent of Neighbours, grow up to tbeDignig/ off’???- Czp 65‘