Ch. III. - No Innate Traflical Trincipler. 51

and Fallhood, Right and Wrong; which fome, wanting Skill and Leifure, and others the Inclination; and fome being taught, that they ought not to examine; there are few to be found, who are not expofed by their Ignorance, Lazinels, Education, or Pre- cipitancy, to take them upon Trufl.

§. 25. Tms is evidently the Cafe of all Children and young Folks; and Cufiom, a greater Power than Nature, feldom fail- ing to make them worfhip for Divine, what lhe hath inured them to bow their Minds, and fubmit their Underllandings to, it is no

wonder, that grown Men, either perplexed in the neccflary Af- fairs of Life, or hot in the purfuit of Pleafures, Ihould not feri-

oully fit down to examine their own T enets; efpecially, when one of their Principles is, That Principles ought not to be que- ftioned. And, had Men Leifure, Parts, and Will, who is there almofl, that dare Ihake the Foundations of all his pail Thoughts and Actions, and endure to bring, upon himfelf, the Shame of having been a long time wholly in IVIiflake and Error? \Vho is there hardy enough to contend with the Reproach, which is "every where prepared for thofe, who dare venture to diffent from the received Opinions of their Country, or Party? And where

_ is the Man to be found, that can patiently prepare himfelf to bear

the Name of Whimlical, Sceptical, or Jltheifl, which he is fure to meet with, who does, in the leall, fcruplc any of the common Opinions? And he will be much more afraid to quefiion thofe Principles, when he {hall think them, as moft Men do, the Standards fet up by God in his Mind, to be the Rule, and Touch- flone,of all other Opinions. And what can hinder him from think- ing themSacred, whenhe finds them the earliefl of all his own Thoughts, and the moll reverenced by others?

_ §. 26. Iris eafy to imagine, how, by thefe means, it comes to pafs, that Men worlhip the Idols, that have been fet up in their Minds; grow fond of the Notions they have been long ac- quainted with there; and [lamp the C/iarafier: {Divinity {(1)071 Alfilrditie: and Errors, become zealous Votaries to Bulls and Monkeys; and contend too, fight, and die in defence of their Opinion. Dum filo: credit habezzdo: mp.- Deor, qua: ipje colit. For fincc the rcafoning Faculties of the Soul, which are almofl