228 0fPowE R; Boon II.

berry and Volition were well fixed in our Underflandings, and carried along with us in our Minds, as they ought, thro’ all the Queflions that are railed about them; I fuppofe a great Part of the Difficulties that perplex Mens Thoughts, and entangle their Underfiandings, would be much ealier refolved; and we lhoulcl perceive where the ccnfuled Signification of Terms, or where the Nature of the Thing caufed the Obfcurity. §. 27. Fir_/l,Tn EN, it is carefully to be remem- bredffhat Freed-on: con/if}: in tlie Dependence of -tl:eExz/lence, or not Exiflence, ofanyfléiion, upon our Volition (fit, and net in tlae Dependence of any Aflion, or it: contrary, on ourPre- ference. A Man {landing on a Cliff, is at Liberty to leap twenty '-Yards downwards into the Sea, not becaufe he has a Power to do the contrary Action, which is to leap twenty Yards upwards, for that he cannot do; but he is therefore free, becaufe he has -a Power to leap, or not leap. But if a greater Force than his either holds him fall, or tumbles him down, he is no longer free rin-that Cafe ; becaufe the Doing, or Forbearance, of that parti- cular Action, is no longer in his Power. He that is a clofe Pri- foner, in a Room twenty Foot fquare, being at the North-fide of his Chamber, is at Liberty to walk twenty Foot Southward, becaufe he can walk, or not walk it; but is not, at the fame time,

at Liberty to do the contrary, i. e. to walk twenty Foot North- ward.

In this then confills Freedom, (viz.) in our being able to act, or not to act, according as we {hall chufe, or will.

§. 28. Second! , Vt’ E mufi remember, that Va- , lition, or Willing, is an Act of the IVIind direci- ing its Thought to the Production of any Action, and thereby exerting its Power to produce it. To avoid multiplying of NVords, I would crave Leavefhere, under the \Vord Afiion, to comprehend the Forbearance too of any Action propofed ; jit- iingfiill, or balding one’: peace, when walking, or flea/ring, are propofed, tho’ mere Forbearances, requiring as much the Deter- mination of the Will, and being often as weighty in their Con-

iequcnces, as the contrary Actions, may, on that Confideration, ' ' wen

F re ed 0.7/1.

Vo/ition, 11.272121.