“the one with the sody-bottle window. It ain't mine, but I’ve got charge of it. Rents for ten a day and cheap for the money. You move right in, and I’ll see you later. Don’t forget the sody-bottle window.”

“Tra-la-lool” he called back a moment later. Pm goin’ up the hill to eat eggs and dream of home.”

On his way to the cabin, Rasmunsen recollected he was hungry and bought a small supply of provisions at the N. A. T. 8c T. store—also a beefsteak at the butcher shop and dried salmon for the dogs. He found the cabin without difliculty and left the dogs in the harness while he started the fire and got the cofiiee under way.

“A dollar’n a half apiece—one thousand dozen—eighteen thousand dollars!” He kept muttering it to himself, over and over, as he went about his work.

As he flopped the steak into the frying- pan the door opened. He turned. It was the man with the bearskin coat. He seemed to come in with determination, as though