dshes of Incense 19 1

nearly mixing the two packets, it's absolutely un- detectable (he said all this over monotonously, as though he had said it a great number of times) ; and since this morning-—when Templewaite comes out with everything, and tells people—Where will you be, if I don’t do it P”

“Yes,” echoed Paula, “where will I be? A disgraced woman, a target for everybody’s horrid gossip, a—oh, it’s unthinkable! (I have noticed that with women of temperament nothing is un- thinkable until after it has happened.) You love me too much for that, don’t you Michael?”

She was sitting on the arm of his chair, bend- ing over to him. It occurred to Michael, dully, through his gloom, that she was very big. “Of course I love you,” he said mechanically. “What else do you think I’d be doing this for? Risking my life for? Risking

“There——there,” Paula soothed him, herself growing calmer as he grew less calm; “it isn’t as serious as that, Michael. Try to remember it isn’t nearly as serious as that. Dolly burns scent, she is known by the servants to have grown care- less about it--using too much and that—0ne night she lights a leaf as usual before retiring, and the next morning—she simply got hold of too big a leaf, that’s all.” Paula was positively airy