274. dshes of Incense

hearing. ‘WVould you like to come back to the palace, Amande? Monsieur and I are going to America,” she added hastily, as Amande’s pale cheeks flooded with crimson, “but we want to leave the house open, and (she took a little step forward) we want to leave it with a housekeeper Whom we can trust. Would you like to come and take care of the palace, Amanda?”

“Madame!” Amande had fallen on her knees, snatched Dorofée’s hand with a little sobbing cry; behind that cry there was a piteous appeal— not to suggest this plan of heaven, only to use it for new torture.

“Then it is settled.” Dorofée heard the appeal and winced at it; yes, it was true, she winced. “And you must come to-morrow—as early as she can (she turned to the patron) because We are sailing the next day, and there are many things I must tell you about; that I must leave in your care. So she looked with a strange satis- faction at the radiant face raised now Worship- fully to her.

The patron had ceased to rub his hands and stood gaping. Amande, housekeeper at a palace -—a person of position, sacré bleu/ He must have another look at the girll

“Madame is kind like an angel,” the girl was