Hshes of Incense 277

“to-morrow, to be here While monsieur and I are away. I desire that Amande shall stay here, you understand. Amande shall stay here while we are away. She—-will have no suggestion-——no—- ah—persuasion to go anywhere else, even for a day.”

“Madame, I understand,” said Akmed almost monotonously. “Amande is to stay here. I un- derstand, lfladame.”

“That is good. You helped our guest with her boxes this morning, yes? That is well. You” ——as she was passing 0n toward the garden, Do- rofée turned back and looked at him again; but diFlerently--“you are a good servant, Akmed. When I am in America, I shall miss you.”

Akmed bowed profoundly, gravely—-though al- ways his white teeth formed a dazzling smile. “If I have pleased Madame, I am pleased.” Though said in French, it was an Arab phrase. Dorofée started slightly; then hurried on out into the garden.

Michael came to meet her eagerly. Their bearing toward each other brought a passing whimsical gleam into the woman’s appreciative eyes. Husband and wife, they met as two slightly acquainted creatures, subconsciously a bit dis- trustful (he of her, she of herself), yet fasci-