'77.—KEY G. M. 144. Softly and yaily. J AS. S. STALLYBRASS. GERSBACH. :s s zd‘ zm [m zs :d P1 :I'I.s :f .1 Is :—— :s,

" 1. The May-time, the May- time, how love-ly and fair, What hm m =a =4 |a zs, zm, d :d.s|:1,.f,|m, =— zs,

l pas - time and plea. - sure there; The

‘d :d.r'I:r.f|m :d :f.r'lr :—-: |— : :s l m, :d :fi|ld zlm zllstd t, : :— l-~ :— zs, l

‘s :—.f:r'1 lr zt, zspps :—.f:r'l lr zt, zsts,

night - iii-gale sing - etli, The lark it up - spring-eth, Over

P1 :—.r:d It, zs, zs, t. :—.l|:d It, zs, zstsl

{d :— zd lm : zm s : : Id‘ : zlmf,

~ field and hill and (lale, Over {

i", :- zm, ld :-— zd m : : |— : :d.r > ' >

(s :— :d.r|m : :r d :— : l-

1’ field and hill and dale. m : :d Id : zt. d : :-— |—~

2 The gates of the earth, that were 3 In Maytin1e,in Maytimeolnwaste

locked up so fast, not the hours, Let out their poor pris’ners at last, G0 twine you sweet garlands of As lillies and roses, and violets for flowers;

posies, Oh! fer on the meadows and deep And the pinks and bunches of blue- in the shadows

bells, There is fulness of life and joy,

And the red little pimpernels. And there reacheth us no annoy.