“I see no shadows," saith the sun: Yet he casts them every one.

ALL the years that our family lived in Montreal, more than half my lifetime, the great church of Notre Dame seemed an irresistible magnet when- ever we chose a home. \Vhen one exigency or another. the need of more room, or escape from an intrusive factory, obliged us to find new quarters, we never went far; the new home, like the old, was sure to stand almost beneath the t\ ‘in stark towers of Notre Dame, within sound of its oft-recur- ring chimes. To-day, as the traveler approaches Montreal from the river, the old Norman church still looms high in the landscape. Fifty years ago, before any lofty structure stood its neighbor, Notre Dame dominated the city as St. Peter's, at this hour, as with a scepter, lifts itself above Rome.

Until the seventies there remained on a northerly I