Not unexpectedly, when Gardner returned to practice, he reinjured his thigh and strained the hip flexor muscle even more seriously, leading to his dramatic withdrawal from Olympic competition.

The questions I feel should be raised include:

l) What is the possibility that this kind of "medical treatment" will lead to permanent damage to Gardner's thigh?

2) How many other athletes are having pain—killing drugs prescribed for them which mask serious hemorrhage, infection and other forms of muscle and joint injury? Gardner's doctor, Anthony Daly, physician for the U.S. Olympic team, explained the internal bleeding which subsequently occurred in Gardner's groin: "It's just an indication of the seriousness of his injury." Shouldn't the possibility be raised that Gardner's hemorrhage is, at least in part, a result of his treatment? Maybe medical societies should monitor the Olympic Games in order to protect athletes against their own physicians.

3) How does this Xylocaine "treatment" fit with the general pattern of Olympic medical care which includes the treatment which, by the use of powerful hormones, tries to turn women into men and men into women?

From my point of view, the medical abuse of athletes may well be the most sinister consequence of the Olympics. Perhaps the best preven- tive medicine might be for sports writers to begin asking more questions.

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