Abortion: The final solution?

young women whose families had a history of breast cancer. And my alarm level became even higher when prestigious medical centers around the country began to abort fetuses of the "wrong" sex. Now, this macabre achievement, aborting fetuses who may someday develop cancer, makes me suspect that the field of preventive medicine is fast becoming one of the most dangerous specialties of modern medicine. As a matter of fact, the term "preventive medicine" is rapidly becoming a codeword for abortion.

I used to think it was a good idea to tell your doctor as much as possible about your family history. But now, I'm not so sure.

Allow me to call your attention to a book entitled, "Medical Holo- causts: Exterminative Medicine in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America," by William Brennan, PhD (Nordland Publishing, 12160 Killbrock Drive, Florissant, Missouri 63033, $8.95).

Dr. Brennan, a historian and professor in the School of Social Ser— vices at St. Louis University, has written an important volume in which he compares the behavior of doctors who perform.abortions in America today with the behavior of doctors in Germany during the pre—Nazi and Nazi eras. Dr. Brennan's extensively documented book reaches the fol- lowing conclusion: "Responsibility for today's massive destruction of human lives, even more so than during the Nazi era, must be placed squarely on the shoulders of the medical profession." His thesis is that "The involvement of German doctors in promoting, planning and imple- menting the killing of unwanted and defective human beings before as well as after birth was so great as to constitute a medical holocaust."

Brennan quotes Andrew C. Ivy, M.D., the medical consultant at the Nuremberg Trials: "Had the [medical] profession taken a strong stand against the mass killing of sick Germans before the war, it is conceivable that the entire idea and technique of death factories for genocide would not have materialized...Far from opposing the Nazi state militantly, part of the German medical profession cooperated consciously and even willingly, while the remainder acquiesced in silence."

Brennan points out, "Before Hitler inaugurated the final solution to the Jewish question in 1941, doctors already had become the most exper- ienced killers in Germany. From 1939 until 1945, physicians were almost exclusively responsible for putting to death around 275,000 German adults and children in mental hospitals and euthanasia institutions...Doctors first tested out the gas chambers and crematoriums on German patients in psychiatric hospitals before they were used on Jews and others in concen- tration camps."

Brennan argues that modern—day doctors began to perform illegal abortions on a large scale years before the 1973 Supreme Court decision, and the doctors' lobbying efforts were chiefly responsible for the liberalization of abortion laws. He states that even the language of modern doctors parallels that of the Nazis, pointing out that the Nazis referred to the Jews as "parasites on modern society" just as today the fetus is referred to as a parasite on the mother's body.

The Nazis' attitude toward the Jews as subhuman is mimicked by today's references to the fetus as "a blob of tissue." The word ”evacu~ ation" was euphemistically used by the Nazis to hide the reality of the concentration camps just as the present language of "evacuating the uterus" is used to hide the reality of abortion.

For a new and authoritative insight into the leadership role of doctors in what Herbert Ratner, M.D., a decade ago referred to as "the specialty of exterminative medicine," 1 suggest you read Professor Brennan's book.