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IN ms nssue; Cervical Cancer and Pap Tests . . . Doctors Silent on Baby M

The members of my family (mother, wife, daughters) don't go for s_ Pap smears. Nor do my friends. Nor my patients. All of them m_ im‘ share my view that the danger of cancer is outweighed by the ~ danger of the tests which attempt to diagnose cancer. They also share my view that the way doctors treat cervical cancer—— including hysterectomy—-is more likely to kill you than is the cancer itself.

We have reached this decision on the basis of the scientific s“~ * literature——both decades old and right up-to—date——which documents I)r.i{0bert the outrageous error rates in the highly—touted Pap smear, as well

hderudelsohrl as the unproven nature of the treatments doctors recommend when they find an abnormal smear. The purpose of this Newsletter is to share with you the documentation that is all-too—often concealed within medical journals.

But even if you are not directly concerned about Pap smears and cervical cancer, remember that the vagaries of medical tests extend to all of them-—mamo— grams, colonoscopies, and biopsies included. Remember that the unproven remedies (lack of scientifically controlled studies) used by doctors in treating cervical cancer apply to all forms of cancer——including those of the breast, prostate, and pancreas.

If early diagnosis of cancer is futile, and medical treatment (surgery, radia- tion, chemotherapy) is worthless, what is a person to do? Since the answer lies in prevention, this Newsletter deals with prevention of cervical cancer. I point out that the best ways to keep from getting that disease lie in the avoidance of certain life styles and avoidance of doctors (particularly the IUD's they prescribe).

And again, this is true of cancer in general. To prevent breast cancer, adopt certain life styles (breast feeding) and avoid doctors (particularly their female sex hormones). To avoid lung cancer, stay away from cigarettes and chest x—rays.

The main subject of this Newsletter is followed by my analysis of the Baby M saga. I hope you will agree with my opinion of Modern Medicine's latest shell game: Where's the mother? Where's the father? Where's the baby?

Cenflcalcancer For more than 100 years, doctors have known that cancer of the andfennfle cervix hardly ever occurs among nuns. More recent studies have confirmed pnwnbcufiy the link between cervical cancer and the number of men with whom a woman

has sexual intercourse. However, modern sexual mores being what they are (until the AIDS crisis!), it is not fashionable to counsel against promis- cuity. And we cannot depend on a marked return to the cloister. Instead, a 1979 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine reported on a study

at a California Kaiser—Permanente Medical Center which showed that the incidence of cervical cancer is much lower in women whose sexual partners have had vasectomies. Of course, while the studies on women are reported, results of long—term studies showing the ill effects on men of blocking