afterwards; the fecond pint at noon ; and the lall: pint in the even- ing, in like manner falling two hours after each.

He allo directs his patients to eat no falt meat, nor f0 much as {alt with their meat; no fat of any kind, no butter, no cream, nor any milk, unlefs lkimmed; no cheefe, no fifh, no eggs, no fauce of any fort; no tarts, no pallry, no ve- getables, except turnips, potatoes, and boiled onions, and all thefe without fauce, and at the fame time direfiting potatoes to be taken but very fparingly, and no fruit of any kind.

As to drink, he prohibits all acids‘, and every thing that has the lealt tendency to acicity, as wine, beer, cyder, perry, and all other fermented liquors. He allows only water with a little brandy 1n 1K.

Hrpermits his patients to eat beef, mutton, lamb, veal, ducks, chickens, and rabbits, without any fauce but their own gravy.

He alfo recommends fuch exer- cife, and fuch only, as can be ta- ken without pain.

He tells his patients, that, if they expect benefit from his medi- cine, they mull perfevere in the ufe of it, and punélually follow his di- rections for a confiderable time, three, four, five, and even fix months, which, if they do, he makes no doubt of their cure; as a proof that his confidence is well founded, he wilhes every perfon, who applies to him for relief, would be fearched, and the exilience of a ltnne may be afcertained, before he enters upon his courre, and lays, if afterwards, upon tf?p‘?fr_'1'-l;_ the experiment, a {tone 1s ilrll dmlnd



remaining, that he defires no-

thing {or his pains.

While he is adminillering his medicine, he is very afliduous in his vifits, aud minutely attentive t0 every thing that occurs. If the patient, at firll: application, labours under any other diforder, or the paroxyfm of the fione is very fe- vere, he intermits his praftice till the one is removed, and the other abated. And, if any accidental diforder fupervenes during the courfe, he fufpends the ufe of his medicine till the patient is reco- vered. Through the whole courfe he mixes more or lefs of it with the broth, as particular conltitu- tions and {ymptoms require.

The terms upon which he adrni~ nilters this medicine, are two gui- neas a week, during the whole time of the cure, indifcriminately from rich and poor; for this he gives no credit ; if he is not there- fore regularly paid at every week's end, he refutes to medicare the broth. He at the fame time tells his patients, that he does not look upon this (um as an equivalent, alluring them that the medicine he puts into their broth is dear, and colts himlelf very near as much; and that he therefore expects a confiderable premium befides, for his pains and trouble, after the cure is completed. _

When I firlt tailed this medicat- ed broth, what {truck me molt was afirong flavour of tanfy; but, up- on carefully tafting it again and again, I at lall difcovered, very plainly, the effect of an alkaline matter upGn my palate ;' and im- mediately faid toithe patient, I believe, bir, I know the medi- cine 3’ and alked whether he had