moii: part of them won’: like it the worfe for that; and that the regret of this feparation will not render their paradife the lefs agreeable. It remains to tell you, that the vir- tues which Mabnmez requires of the women to merit the enjoyment of future happinefs, are, not to live in fuch a manner as to become ufe-

‘lefs to the world; but to employ

themfelves, as much as polfible, in making little Illqfi/manr. The vir- gins who die virgins, and the wi- dows who marry not agria, dying in mortal fin, are CxCiuCied out of paradife : For women, lays he; not being capable to manage affairs of ftate, nor fuppnrt the fatigues of war, God has not ordered them to govern or reform the world; but he has entrulled them with an of. lice which is not lefs honourable, even that of multiplying the human race: And fuch as, out of malice or lazinefs, do not make it their bulinefs to bear or to breed chil- dren, fulfil not the duty of their vocation, and rebel againll the com- mands of God. Here are maxims for you, prodigioufly contrary to thofe of your Coutventr. What will become of your St. Catharina, your St. ‘Tberefar, your St. Clarar, and the whole bead roll of your bo/y ‘virgin: and widow: P who, if they are to be judged by this fyliem ofvirtue,will be found to have been infamous creatures that palled their whole lives in a molt abominable libertinifm.

I know not what your thoughts may be concerning a doctrine fo extraordinary with refpeft to us; but l can truly inform you, Sir, that the 720%: are not fo ignorant as we fancy them to be, in matters of politics, or philofophy, or even


of gallantry. ’Tis true, that mi. litary difcipline, fuch as is now prafiifed in Cbrifieudom, does not mightily fuit them. A long peace has plunged them into an univerfal floth. Content with their condi- tion, and accuftomed to boundlefs luxury, they are become great ene. mics to all manner of fatigues. But, to make amends, the fciences flourifh among them. The Eflndi: (that is to fay, the learned) do very well deferve this name: They have no more faith in the infpiration of Illa/Janet, than in the infallibility of the Pope. They make a frank profeflion of Dei/in among them- felves, or to thofe they can trufl: ; and never fpeak of their law but as of a politic infiitutiomfit now to be obferved by wife men, however at lirfl introduced by politicians and. enthufiafis.

If I remember right, Ithink I have told you in fome former letter, that at Belgrade we lodged with a great and rich Efléndi, a man of wit and learning, and ofa very agreeable humour. We were in his houfe about a month, and he did conliantly eat with us, drinking wine without any fcruple. As I rally’d him a little 0n this fubjeft, he anfwered me, fmiling, that all the creatures in the world were made for the pleafure of man; and that God would not have let the vine grow, were it a fin to tafie ofitsjuice: but that neverthe- lefs the law, which forbids the ufe of it to the vulgar, was very wife, becaufe fuch fort of folks have not fenfe enough to take it with mode- ration. This Ejlvzdi appeared- no Rranger to the parties that prevail among us: nay, he feemed to have fome knowledge of our religious difputes, and even of our writers ;