And now, when worldly crowds retire To revels or to refl,

The hermit trimm’d his little fire, And cheer’d his penfive guefl :

And fpread his vegetable flare, And gayly prels’d and fmil’d ;

And, fltill’d in legendary lore, The ling’ring hours beguil’d.

Around in fympathetic mirth Its tricks the kitten tries ;

The cricket chirrups in the hearth ; The crackling faggot flies.

But nothing could a charm impart To footh the llrangefls wo;

For grief was heavy at his heart, And tears began to flow.

His rifing cares the hermit fpy’d, With anfwering care opprefi :

And whence, unhappy youth,” he cry’d, " The forrows of thy breafl?

From better habitations fpurn’d, Reluctant doll thou rove;

Or grieve for friendlhip unreturn’d, Or unregarded love E

" Alas! the joys that fortune brings, Are trifling, and decay ;

" And thofe who prize the paltry thing;, " More trifling [till than they.

And what is friendfhip but a name, A charm that lulls to fleep;

A fhade that follows wealth or fame, But leaves the wretch to weep i

And love is fiill an emptier found, The haughty fair one’s jefl :

" On earth unfeen, or only found " To warm the turtle’s nefl.

t‘ For