‘To-night your matchlefs Hogarth gives the thought, Which from his canvafs to the llage is brought, And who fo fit to warm the poet's mind,

As he who piftufld morals and mankind I

But not the fame the charaélers and fcenes ;

Both labour for one end by different means : Each, as it fuits him, takes a feparate road, Their one great objeft, Marriage-alarrtode : \Vhere title's deignwith cits to have and hold , And change their blood for more fubllantial gold l And honour’d trade from interefi turns alide,

To hazard happinefs for titled pride.

The painter’s dead, yet llill he charms the eye; While England lives, his fame can never die : But he who llruts his hour upon the llage,

Can fcarce extend his fame for half an age ;

Nor pen nor pencil can the afior fave,

The art, and artifl, {hare one common grave.

O let me drop one tributary tear

On poor jack F alllafPs grave, and ]uli_et’s bier l You to their worth mull tefiimony give ;_

’Tis in your hearts alone their fame can live. Still as the fcenes of life will lhift away,

The llrong irnprellions of their heart decay.

Your children cannot feel what you have known, They'll boall of O3in’s and Cibbefs of their own a The greatell glory of our happy few,

Is to Be felt, and be approv’d by y0u_._


IVriztm L) Mr- Gangtok,

Crranaorzaa Of the Ernocua,

Lord Minum, Mr. Dodd. Colonel Trill, Mr. Vernon. ‘Si: Patrick Mahony, Mr. Moody. Mifs Crotchet, ' Mrs. Abington. Mrs. O_t_1aver, Mrs. Lee.

Ill Lady, ' Mrs. Bradlhaw. 2d Lady, Mifs Mills.

3d Lady, Mrs. Dorrnan.