1115/3 Cm. Colonel, d: tout man nzur-Pve one in pa», Which you lhall join, and make it a Duetlo.


Ld. Dlirz. Bella Signora, et Amico mio ! I too will join, and then we'll make a Y's-in. Col. T. Come all and join the full-mouth’d Chorus,

And drive all Tragedy and Comedy before us.

4411 tbs company rg/e, and adrvanc: to rbe front of l/rtfiaga.

Cal. T. Would you ever go to fee a Tragedy P My} Cm. Never, never. " C01. ‘f. A Comedy 2 Ld. M. Never, never, Live forever.

Tweedle-dum and ttveedle-dee.

C H O R U S. Would you ever go to fee, {in


Spoken by Mr. S u 1 1" u.

a O lead attention thro’ five a€ts of profe, Where to foft notes no tuneful couplet flows ; To pleafe each heart, each judgment, eye and ear, The attempt how bold ! the labour how fevere! Thus I adclrefs’d our bard, who quick reply’d, With honefi difiidence and model} pride : " IfI lhould fail, I lhall not think it lhame To mifs, what few have gain’d, the wreath of Fame. This {pot I deem the public treafury, " Where wits, rare coins, for general fervice lie ; " Where Critics, firiét examiners, are plac’d " To try each piece by that nice fiandard, Talle; And what to public ufe may be apply’d, ¢' ls jultly fav’d, what faulty thrown halide. H CHCC,